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Those eyes...

A little more than one year ago I adopted an adult dog rescued from abuse and neglect, consequently I’ve been drawing dogs, lots of them... so I decided to stop fighting it, let's see how long this phase will last.
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Long time no see...

No time to draw... too busy taking care of Crayon des idées (handcrafted goods).


Not a cute dog, crazy cat or any other endearing creature, today a weird roughly sketched ‘selfie’… Also here: My Childish Art @ Tumblr

My dog for #pinchpunchpost

Dog was chosen as creature of the month for #pinchpunchpost (@pinchpunchpost / twitter) #watercolour #pencil #dog

Crazy cat

Made for @Daily__Doodle (twitter)

Waiting for spring...

I need to have more patience with colours, I've been told and should listen (I'll try)...

Startled bear

From the doodle...