11 Dec 2014

19 Nov 2014


Last night doodles wondering why they never get the colours they know they deserve...

5 Nov 2014

1 minute portrait for @1MinuteMemory #1MINMEM

1 minute portrait for @1MinuteMemory, their challenge is to raise £100,000 for Alzheimer's Society, 1 minute, 1 drawing, £1 at a time, their site: 1minutememory.com, donate and draw, draw and donate... #1MINMEM

3 Nov 2014

Ohh Deer pillow fight contest

Joined Ohh Deer's pillow fight late and on impulse with minimal chances, but here they are, two of my favourite doodles: Lil'Bird and Talk to the hand (check them out at the ohh deer's site (image bellow only a screen shot). :)